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Beaches of South

Did we say empty beaches?

There are countless numbers of beaches to explore on the island, so where should you start? This guide will help you discover some of the most stunning beaches on  South Lombok Island.


1.Tanjung Aan Beach

If your idea of the perfect beach is white sands, turquoise waters and palm trees, then look no further than Tanjung Aan. Arguably one of the most picturesque beaches on Lombok Island, this place is located on the south coast of the island. It is a huge bay with little shacks and fishing boats dotted along the coast. There is a large hill acting as a headland separating the bay from the one next to it; it is worth exploring – the views from up here are breathtaking.


2. Selong Belanak Beach

Also on the south coast, this beach is quite popular; the vast stretches of sand and azure blue waters are an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, surfing and beach volley. There are plenty of little cafes, souvenir stalls, surfboard rentals and vendors selling snacks like ice cream, barbecued corn and coconuts.


3. Mawun beach

A 20-minute drive away from Kuta, just before Selong belanak there  is Mawun Beach, with equally blue waters and white sands – but no crowds, so you will only ever have to share this beach with a handful of people. Nestled between lofty hills, it is a peaceful, hidden bay in the shape of a horseshoe. The centre of the bay has larger waves and deeper water, whereas the edges of the bay are much calmer to swim in. There are only a few places to buy food and drink here, so it may be a good idea to take a picnic.


4. Mawi beach

Just south of Selong Belanak is Mawi beach. This Lombok beach is undeveloped and beautifully quiet. On a sunny day Mawi beach is a real stunner. We only spotted one other couple on the long stretch of sand. The road to Mawi is very bumpy and can be a bit treacherous if you’re not used to riding a motorbike. Be especially careful if it’s recently rained as the mud can be difficult to bike through. If you go slow, though, you’ll be fine! The reward for braving the bumpy road is arriving at the sand to find that you have the whole beach to yourself!


5. Semeti beach

This is just right next door to Mawi beach and perhaps even less well known than its neighbor. You can reach Semeti by going back to the same dirt road that you took for Mawi and turning right. It will lead you to another quiet, rustic Lombok beach with plenty of rocks and caves to explore.


6. Lancing beach

Further along the coastline heading back to Kuta is Lancing Beach. There are actually two entrances to this beach. Coming from Semeti Beach, the first entrance is barely marked with just a small wooden sign. This side of Lancing has more of a local vibe. Parking is free and you may even catch a motorbike drag race along the beach. There’s also a bit more trash in this area, so be careful if you’re walking barefoot. If you’re happy to just relax on the sand and chat with some locals, this side is for you.


7. Seger beach

It’s located just a short drive east of Kuta. The road is mostly unpaved, but that will change in coming years as there is massive development taking place between here and Kuta. Pantai Seger is lined with numerous hills and cliffs that you can climb and soak in awesome views of waves crashing on the cliff walls and the sun setting over Kuta Bay.


8.Tampah beach

Pantai Tampah is a beautiful beach perfect for relaxing in peace and swimming. There are no local people trying to sell you bracelets here. However, you still have access to food and drink by the few local warungs. There is also plenty of lounge seating and it doesn’t get very crowded.



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