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Island of 1000 mosques


 As the sun goes down on Lombok, the self-styled “island of 1000 mosques” becomes alive.

Lombok is at the centre of an Islamic tourism drive in Indonesia, which has the world’s biggest Muslim population and is hoping to boost the number of visitors from wealthy Middle Eastern countries. While aiming to continue to attract Western tourists who flock to its pristine beaches, the island is also seeking to promote its Islamic heritage, from numerous places of worship to shrines dedicated to ancient Muslim preachers.

Aside from the beautiful islands there is also much to be seen in the island of Lombok itself. It is filled with history and culture, as it once served as one of the Dutch trading centres for more than 200 years.

But for sure, while you will drive around, you will notice that every village have one or more colorful mosque. some are big, some small. the architecture of each is unique and colorful and worth every attention. the biggest one is in capital city of Mataram named ISLAMIC CENTER,  with 5 towers of which one you can jump in elevator and sight see the surroundings of the city viewing west side of the sea, east with  mount Rinjani, north with Pusuk and south with Kuta. The entrance fee is symbolic but for sure will give you the inside look of how does Mosque look inside and how is a part of Lombok  everyday lifestyle.

the first Mosque build is on the north of Lombok in a city named Bayan build in 18 ct. and still in very good shape. impressive is the roof of the mosque that is made from sided cutted bamboo sticks and gives this wooden mosque special charm. Mosque is easy reached if you plan your treking on RInjani or visiting amazing villages Sembalun or Senaru.

The rest of 1000 mosque ( people say we are talking about 5000 and not just 1000) you can observe while driving from north to south or east to west, but for sure pay attention as they are really big part of Lombok people religion, tradition and everyday lifestyle.

p.s. Don’t forget to be appropriately dressed if you decide to visit one.


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