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Natural and cultural gem

Natural & Cultural gem

Lombok is sandwiched between the world-famous island of Bali and the remote, uncharted Sumbawa Island of West Nusa Tenggara. Despite rising popularity and growing development, there is still much to discover in this island beyond the now mainstream spots.

Unlike the Hindu-majority Bali, the residents of Lombok are predominantly Muslim. That religious background impacts the island’s landmarks and culture, making Lombok more than just ‘another Bali’. Before the independence of Indonesia, Lombok was mainly ruled by chiefs of the indigenous Sasak tribe, which still dominates the local population at about 85%.

Many local people in Lombok make concentrated efforts to uphold their traditions, with strong adherence to cultural rituals. Other communities practice a unique, fascinating mix of Islam and animistic beliefs.

Raw natural magnetism, historic sites and amazing beaches: Lombok is ready to steal the spotlight as Indonesia’s next island darling.

Previously recognized simply as Bali’s sister island, Lombok is now a full-grown destination with its own set of discernible charms. Each year, more people are skipping Bali for Lombok’s pristine, unspoiled nature. Some say Lombok’s exotic beaches remind them of what Bali looked like decades ago – and that doesn’t include the island’s hidden, untouched spots still waiting to be discovered. Make sure you research all hidden gems of this island when you get here.


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