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Snorkeling in south of Lombok


There are 26 gilis surrounding Lombok to be exact, each has their own beauty. The recently gaining popularity is Gili Kedis and its neighboring islands. In the southwest coast of Lombok, there are several other gilis, located near Lembar Port, the main port connecting Lombok and Bali. These gilis have wonderful natural beauty and yet they are not very popular (yet!). The natural and untouched setting of them make many tourist dub these islands as the secret gilis of Lombok.

Gili Kedis is a very small island located just by the coast of Lombok. It’s so small you probably need four to seven minutes to go around it. However, luckily, size doesn’t matter this time. Kedis has wonderful white sandy beach and healthy colorful reef in its coast. There is literally nothing but nature in this island, and the area is not yet crowded with tourists. This is an ideal site for photography.

Just north of Kedis, there is Gili Sudak, the biggest island in this specific cluster. The biggest here doesn’t mean much as Sudak is pretty small itself. Sudak is surrounded by white sandy beach, ideal for snorkeling as you can easily see colorful reefs and fish jut by swimming at its beach. There is a conservation effort in this island to help the reef grow by planting them in a man-made platform underwater.


Gili Nanggu is probably the most interesting place. Just like all islands in this cluster, there are not much going on in this place. The accommodation is limited in number, but not in quality. Most tourists enjoy the island by exploring on foot. They can, of course, relax on its white sandy beach, swim in its crystal clear waters, or snorkel to appreciate its wonderful coral reef.

There will be no hawker or annoying guide that will bother you here. Gili Nanggu is managed with a concept of a virgin island with untouched natural beauty.

These gilis are all accessible via boat from many ports in western Lombok. You can depart from Senggigi, Lembar, or West Sekotong Port. Accommodation and amenities here are relatively cheaper than the more popular destinations. Island hopping in this small islands will give you the sense of exploring an untouched world.

However, the limited accommodation in these island requires you to prepare really well. For example, if you want to enjoy Gili Kedis, you must bring your own drinking water and food. Are you ready for an adventure in these pristine islands?


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